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Career information related to the Canadian Nuclear Enterprise:


Links to Nuclear Job Opportunity Sites

  • See Companies for links to companies, institutions and agencies that hire in the nuclear area. Don't forget that nuclear power plants are complex devices that involve all engineering and science disciplines as well as business, even the softer disciplines (human resources, ...). So consider using your strengths in non-nuclear areas when you are career hunting in the nuclear sector. Also remember that there are non-nuclear companies that are involved in the nuclear sector. So you need not confine your search to the mainstram players.
  • See also Starting Points for good general links.
  • Visit, the leading nuclear job site in North America.
  • For nuclear job opportunities in the UK and Europe, visit Nuclear Sector Jobs.
  • - A valuable resource for professionals in the Nuclear Industry featuring news, a buyer's guide, procurement opportunities, jobs, conference details and much more. The site is hosted by, a private business based in London. Site information is posted by individual member companies. Students can register their profile at the Career Center and will be informed by email each time a relevant job notice is posted by one of the members.

Ways to Get Plugged In

  • Join the Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS) to get the Bulletin and become active in your local branch or volunteer on one of the committees.
  • Join the CNS list server. Add your thoughts to the fray.
  • Join the Canadian Nuclear Job list - linking potential employees to employers.
  • Network, network, network. Get involved. Check out the activities of the CNS Universities Committee for ways that you might get involved, such as the Annual Student Conference. Financial support is available from the CNS.
  • As the adage goes, if you want someone to hire you, you have to provide something of value to them.

Heads up:

The Lay of the Land

  • CNA Members - The CNA (Canadian Nuclear Association) is an association of many industries and enterprises sharing a common interest in the development and application of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Members include uranium producers, reactor manufacturers, electrical utilities, engineering companies, banks, employee unions,departments of federal and provincial governments, and educational establishments. Check out this link to find out who's who.
  • OCI - The Organization of CANDU Industries represents its membership in support of domestic and international equipment supply to the nuclear industry. Their membership list of 86 companies can be found on their membership page. Check out this link to find out who's who.
  • The Engineering Institute of Canada - A federation of technical societies, the EIC is the leading proponent of continuing education and technical professional development in the Canadian engineering community.
  • Canadian Council of Professional Engineers - CCPE is the national organization of the 12 provincial and territorial associations/ordre that regulate the practice of engineering in Canada and license the country's more than 160,000 professional engineers. This site offers detailed information on the programs, services and initiatives that CCPE undertakes, and on the various boards, committees and volunteers. It also contains links to the Web?sites of member associations/ordre as well as to other engineering organizations around the?world.
  • Seminar: The CANDU Program and AECL by Ben Rouben, AECL, Slides (pdf 2.9Mb), Recorded seminar (exe 55.6Mb) on 2007.01.11 at McMaster University. Listen to Ben's review of CANDU history, AECL's role, and current opportunities. Focused on reactor physics. Well worth the rather large download (sorry about that but it is the best we candu).

The Law of the Land - for Ontario engineers in general

  • PEO - Professional Engineers Ontario - Like medical or legal professionals, professional engineers are licensed, and are accountable for their work. Their duty is to protect the public safety. Professional engineers subscribe to a strict code of ethics and practice standards. The profession is regulated by Professional Engineers Ontario. Includes the publications, Engineering Dimensions and The Link.
  • A new web site- Path2PEng . . . web site - A web site has been established to provide ongoing assistance to individuals on the path to P. Eng. It is a free site and without responsibility. Currently there is a survey on the site to determine both the needs of people looking to be a professional engineer, and, determine what you are able to volunteer to help them. The initial response to the survey has been excellent with more than 75% of respondents indicating that they are able and willing to help others. This is an opportunity for engineers to help themselves as well as their current and future colleagues. Consider volunteering - as a mentor, with forms, applications, with cultural differences, with experiences.

On-campus Services (McMaster University)

For the Recent Immigrant

  • Fitting In: From Consideration to Integration Project to Help International Engineering Graduates Succeed In Canada - Many immigrants coming to Canada intend to practise engineering, but finding employment is a serious concern. From Consideration to Integration is a national project developed to identify and encourage best practices in licensing, integrating and supporting international engineering graduates. By Karen Hawthorne, Engineering Dimensions, March/April, 2004. Alternate link (pdf 2.7Mb).
  • Access to Experience - New Canadians who have concerns with the professions' licensing requirements and processes have taken action. PROMPT is an umbrella-group representing immigrant professionals dedicated to facilitating access in Canadian society and creating an immigrant voice on issues. By Jane Cullingworth and Gurmeet Bambrah, PhD, EIT, Engineering Dimensions, March/April, 2004. Alternate link (pdf 768kb).
  • Mohandes - for Iranian immigrants.
  • Canadian Council of Professional Engineers - contains assessment information for immigrants.

Career Outlook

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